Building the EE-02 firmware on macOS

The simplest way to install all of the required software is to install Homebrew.

Install toolchain

Install the gcc toolchain by typing this in a terminal:

$ brew tap osx-cross/arm
$ brew install arm-gcc-bin

Install git

Install git either via the macOS XCode environment or via Homebrew. The Homebrew version can be installed by this command in a terminal:

$ brew install git

Install SDK

Download the nRF52 11.x SDK from and install it into a suitable location (The default for the Makefile is ~/Source/nrf52sdk but any location will do.

Pull the latest version of the EE-02 firmware

Open a command prompt and clone the firmware. We’re putting it into ~\Source\ee0x-firmware:

cd ~\Source
git clone
cd ee0x-firmware

Update the Makefile with the correct paths

The default paths in the Makefile must be set up for your environment. Open the file in your favorite editor and look for the lines with

  • GNU_INSTALL_ROOT - This is the location for the gcc toolchain, omit the bin directory from the path. The default install location is /usr/local for Homebrew.
  • FLASH_DRIVE - this is the name of the flash drive the Segger programmer will appear as. Typically this will be /Volumes/JLINK.
  • NRF52_SDK_ROOT - the location where you unzipped the nRF SDK files.
GNU_INSTALL_ROOT := /usr/local
FLASH_DRIVE    := /Volumes/JLINK
NRF52_SDK_ROOT := ~/Source/nrf52sdk

Build the firmware

You are now ready to build the firmware. Open a command prompt, go to the directory with the firmware and type make:

sh cd ~\Source\ee0x-firmware make `

You should have a file named nrf52lora.hex. Congratulations!